High Speed - with Integrated Amplifier

InGaAs-PD is a near-infrared photodiode with low noise and high speed. The gap width is narrower than that of silicon, so the wavelength range is larger and the responsivity is higher. In addition to providing general-purpose devices with a cutoff wavelength of 1.7μm, we also provide extended devices with a starting wavelength of 0.5μm and a cutoff wavelength of 1.9μm, 2.2μm, 2.4μm and 2.6μm. The size of the photosensitive surface or the detector array can be selected according to the application needs.

PN Active Area Responsivity-Specific Package Bandwidth Package Style Pin Qty. Window
FCI-H125G-InGaAs-75 Ø0.075 mm 2500V/W TO-46 900 MHz TO 4 Lens
FCI-H250G-InGaAs-75 Ø0.075 mm 2500V/W TO-46 1750 MHz TO 4 Lens
FCI-H622M-InGaAs-75 Ø0.075 mm 16000V/W TO-46 520 MHz TO 4 Lens
FCI-H250G-INGAAS-70 Ø70 μm 2500V/W TO-46 1750 MHz TO 4 -
FCI-H155M-INGAAS-70 Ø70 μm 48000V/W TO-46 110 MHz TO 4 -
FCI-H622M-INGAAS-70 Ø70 μm 16000V/W TO-46 520 MHz TO 4 -