Optical Components

Tungsten halogen lamps provide a wide spectral range from 340nm-2400nm, featuring small size, high accuracy of filament position, high spectral consistency and long service life, etc. They can be used as light sources for spectral detection of various gases, water quality, biochemical, biological samples, etc.


The top sealed tungsten halogen lamp can be used as the light source for various analytical instruments, and the installation method is usually side-lighting. This kind of lamps we provide has the excellent performance of high luminous efficiency, high power, small size and long lifetime. According to different customers´ needs, we can meet full-parameter customization services including filament length, thickness, type, number of turns, filament installation height (LCL) and bulb diameter.


The metal arc lamp relies on the discharge between the two electrodes in the bulb to emit light, which has the characteristics of high color temperature, high luminous efficiency and high brightness.
Application: medical, industrial endoscope, optical fiber lighting, diving, police lighting, UV curing, etc.

AR coating

The bottom sealed tungsten halogen lamp will not be blocked by the suction seal in front of the light-emitting axis, and the field of view is up to 270°, which can emit light both vertically and laterally. The top glass can form a lens to effectively adjust the light-emitting angle, so it is very suitable as a high-precision spectrum detection light source, and is hardly affected by the mechanical installation space.