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VBG is a grating obtained form holographic exposure in a photosensitive glass crystal. The grating has the performance of high damage threshold, low power loss, narrow line width, and good temperature stability. The laser formed by the built-in VBG grating has extremely narrow linewidth, accurate central wavelength and extremely high wavelength stability. This kind of LD has a long lifetime, good beam quality, no polarization dependence, and small size for easy operation. It is suitable for very narrow linewidth laser applications such as Raman light source.
Application: Raman spectroscopy, spectral remote sensing, military medicine, sensing equipment, etc.

内置VBG FWHM(nm) 中心波长(nm) 温度漂移(nm/k) 功率输出量
× 3-6 ±3 0.3 100%
0.2-0.3 ±0.5 0.01 >80%